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Ukrainian visa

You will need a visa to come to the Ukraine. Since July 1, 2005 VISA FREE REGIME has been introduced in Ukraine for citizens of the United States of America, European Union and Switzerland that provides visa-free entry to Ukraine and transit through its territory for those who plans to stay in Ukraine up to 90 days within six month period.

This regulation is not extended to the immigrant visas, student visas with the purpose to study in Ukraine and for those who enter Ukraine with the purpose to work at the U.S. diplomatic/consular missions in Ukraine and to the cases if the foreign citizens stay in Ukraine more than 90 days within the period of six months.

For Single/Double and Multiple Entry visa costs/processing, please see the information below:

* Visas cannot be obtained at the border except by persons holding a passport from a country with NO Embassy of Ukraine
* Validity of Single/Double Ukrainian visa is 6 months for persons traveling on a USA passport or Re-Entry Permit (US Permanent Residents)
* Allow 21 days (3 weeks) for regular visa processing

Embassy of the Ukraine in the United States  Try calling these people, I dare you. If you do you will find out what Soviet Service is like. Their web site is good though. It will give you all the pricing and time frame of the visa process, as well as, this is where you need to download the visa application.  Washington 202-333-7507, Chicago 312-642-4388, San Francisco 415-398-0240.

 If you live in England and would like help with your visa processing I recommend Thames Consular Services 44 (0) 208-996-2912 

Passport Travel in Melbourne Australia


Suite 11, 401 St. Kilda Road
Melbourne 3004
phone: +613 9867 3888
fax: +613 9867 1055

If you live in Australia and are coming to Ukraine call Colin at Passport Travel. They will be glad to help with your visa and airplane tickets.

Embassy of Ukraine in England
First Floor,
78 Kensington Park Road,
London W11 2PL
Telephone: (020) 7243-89-23,
(090) 0188-77-49 (information line)
Fax: (020) 7727-35-67
Reception: Monday to Friday: 09.30 to 12.00 hours

Canada: Consulate General of Ukraine in Toronto
2120 Bloor Street West, Toronto, Ontario M6S 1M8
Telephone: (416) 763-3114
Fax: (416) 763-2323

 How to Understand your visa


  1. Place of visa issuance (Washington, D.C., New York or Chicago).
  2. Traveler's visa is valid from this date. It reads Day-Month-Year. Thus, visa is valid from December 1, 2002 (not January 12, 2002).
  3. Visa expiration date. Visa is valid until this date. It reads Day-Month-Year. Thus, visa is valid until June 1, 2003 (not January 6, 2003).
  4. Visa control number.
  5. Number of entries.
    • (1) - single entry visa (one entry only). (2) - double entry visa (two entries only).
    • (M) - multiple entry visa (unrestricted within visa duration).
  6. Type of visa:
    • - Diplomatic;
    • C (C-1, C-2, C-3) -Service;
    • Business;
    • Rescue service (workers) employees;
    • O - Student visa;
    • H - Scholar visa;
    • M - Visa for mass media representatives;
    • P - Religious visa;
    • Humanitarian visa;
    • K - Cultural and Sport visa;
    • T - Tourism;
    • Private visa;
    • IM (IM-1, IM-2) - Immigration visa;
    • O -Crew member visa (engaged in transportation);
    • TP (TP-1, TP-2) - Transit visa.
  7. aveler's last name in Ukrainian and English (as it appears on your passport).
  8. Traveler's first name in Ukrainian and English (as it appears as on your passport).
  9. Traveler's passport number.
  10. Traveler's sex.
  11. Traveler's date of birth.
  12. Traveler's nationality.
  13. Host in Ukraine.

  If you need help with your fianc?e visa processing I suggest INS immigration lawyer Jim Phair. He charges $485.00 for the processing plus the $110.00 INS fees. You can contact him at 360-901-4555  

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